Sheepyard Flat to Jamieson Reccy Trip

Sheepyard Flat to Jamieson Reccy Trip

22/01/2018 Trip Report 0
View from the slate mine Howqua Hills trk

The club planned a quick trip in early January to check out new campsites and tracks for future trips between Sheepyard Flat and Jamieson area in the Victorian High Country.

There were 3 vehicles – perfect for a reccie as it’s small enough group to move along fairly quick. The trip started in Sheepyards on the Thursday night, and we found a nice spot on the river only to be drowned out by a generator; we moved to a quieter spot across the track and set up camp and swags before having some quiet beers and bed.

Sheepyard Flat Camping Area

Sheepyard Flat Camping Area

Day 1 – Sheepyard Flat to Granny Flat

On Friday morning we were up and on the tracks by 8am because we had a fair bit to cover, and with 40+ degree temperatures and total fire ban forecast for the Saturday we wanted to try and beat the heat.

We left Sheepyards and head up the Howqua Hills track, passing Tobacco Flat and some private property this involves a nice climb (not too steep) up to Mitchell Track passing the slate mine, and then it winds down with some steep sections to Mitchell Flat.

From Mitchell Flat we crossed the Mitchell river and found about 4 or so campsites and the old Mitchell homestead site and continued through to Wrens Flat where there is a big camp ground (not too bad).

Leaving Wrens flat there is a nice drive along the river on Silvermine Spur Track, with some real steep climbs (would not tackle in the wet), coming across a deer hunters hut (great little spot), and then another hut just down the track called River Inn Hut, which was nice as well. (Travelling a bit further there is a right hand turn down to the river and 1.4 kms to a campsite, but not a really great spot).

Continuing up along Silvermine Spur track it gets very steep and rocky but it’s a nice climb and we finally reached Heyfield-Jamieson Rd, turning right down Axe track and heading down 4.3kms to the river where we found some really nice campsites.

Heading back to Heyfield-Jamieson Rd, we then turned right down Ferguson Track to check our more nice campsites. And finally we headed back towards Jamieson and checked out Gallows Track which is steep downhill getting to Gallows campsite which has 3 separate spots.

Our final destination for the night was Granny Flat, which has a nice large area for camping and a toilet. It was fairly busy but we found a spot and had a well deserved swim in the Jamieson river, dinner and a few beers (we had to have the fire out by 12.00am because the following day was a total fire ban).

Andrew eating dinner Granny Flat Jamieson

Andrew eating dinner Granny Flat Jamieson

Day 2 – Granny Flat to Timbertop Saddle Carpark

We left camp at 7.00am on Saturday morning to beat the forecast 42 degrees. We started crossing the Jamieson river which included a rutted exit (requiring some track building), and up Masters Track. Masters track was steep and straight up, all the way to Mitchell Track with some great views.

This took us to Symes track, going down to Howqua River Road to Running Creek Campground, which is a very large campground with plenty of large trees for shade, has toilets and would make a great base camp.

Crossing the Howqua River and up Three Chain Track, which is steep in places and rocky but with great views towards Mansfield and Mt Timbertop. Eventually we came out on the Howqua Track at Timbertop Saddle carpark where we pumped up the tyres and headed for Mansfield and the Deletite Pub for lunch and then the drive back to Bendigo in 42 degree heat.

  • Russell (105 Series Landcruiser)
  • Andrew (Mitsubishi Triton)
  • Jim (Jeep)
trip route

Trip route

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