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The club committee reviews and approves all membership applications, you are able to attend club events while your application is still pending, and you will be notified via email the outcome of your application, with banking details for payment of membership fees ($80 per annum).

A family membership covers the member, their spouse or de facto partner, and any dependent children under the age of 25. Associate members (spouse & children) do not have voting rights.

Dependent Children Under the Age of 25

Declaration and Acknowledgement

I/we agree to the following:
As a member of the Sandhurst 4WD Club Inc.

  • I/we have read the club bylaws and agree to abide by the rules for as long as I/we are members of the club.
  • I/we have read the Victorian Four Wheel Drive Association Code of Ethics and will participate in club activities in an environmentally conscious manner in accordance with these ethics.
  • I/we consent to my/our personal information being used to confirm my/our membership details and these details can be maintained in a club database. If I opt-in below, I consent to members of the club having access to my/our contact phone number and email address on a members only webpage or ‘secret’ members only facebook group to encourage social contact and increased trip participation.
  • I/we give permission to use my/our vehicles image for publication in newsletters, magazines, on the club’s website and/or facebook page and on promotional displays.
  • I/we consent for my/our contact details to be forwarded to 4WD Victoria to receive “Track Watch Magazine” and for affiliation purposes.
  • My/our personal information should not be released to any outside parties or used for any other purpose without my/our direct consent.